Women’s 4 Week ‘Get Toned’ Program
Women’s 4 Week ‘Get Toned’ Program

Women’s 4 Week ‘Get Toned’ Program

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*Note - NOTHING IS BEING SHIPPED OUT. The program is a digital PDF document which you will download via a link.
This is a beginner program, targeted towards those who are new to the gym/weight training.
  • V2 NEW FEATURE - All photos of exercises included with link to video tutorials
  • V2 NEW FEATURE - New layout which compliments mobile phone usability
  • Upper, Lower, Abs and Cardio Program (4 Days Per Week)
  • Emphasis on getting toned whilst building a strong physique
  • Focus on weight training, resistance work and cardio
  • Requires access to a fully equipped gym
  • All exercises, rep ranges, rest periods included
  • All program instructions included
  • Warm up routine included
  • Program in PDF format so it's easy to print and take to the gym or have on your phone
  • This is a digital document you will receive via a download link after you've checked out

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