The Blueprint To Sustainable Fitness Results


My name is Oliver Anwar (known as Ro) and I have helped numerous busy students, entrepreneurs, professionals and founders build muscle, lose fat and transform their physiques to live healthier and happier lives.

My mission is to positively impact as many people as possible by helping them reach their full potential both inside and outside of the gym through sustainable fitness results.

Working as a founder of a startup myself, I resonate with how hard you guys and girls work to make an impact each day.

The 12 hour days.

Early starts. Late evenings.

High stress levels.

Lack of sleep.

Making your health a priority seems out of reach.

But I can tell you it's 100% possible.

With what I teach, you don't have to give up your favourite foods or spend 2 hours in the gym everyday.

You don't have to meal prep every night or eat bland chicken and rice 7 days a week.

What I teach helps maximise your time to get results so you can minimise the time you spend on things that don't provide you a return.

I will teach you the habits, systems and protocols that myself and clients have adopted, so you can achieve an amazing body, all whilst leading your busy lifestyle.

I will make your health a priority so you can reap the rewards of the effort you put in.


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What does the VIP Complete Coaching Program promise?

  • Working 1-2-1 with me to get the BEST results possible.
  • A flexible, sustainable and enjoyable nutrition plan that lets you eat the foods YOU WANT every single day.
  • A training program that is quick, intense and effective so that you’re making optimal progress but not having to spend hours in the gym.
  • Weekly video check-ins where I assess your training performance and adherence to your nutrition to ensure you get REAL feedback. Not just text on an email.
  • A full video exercise library with over 40 exercise videos which show you how to perform each exercise so you're never confused on how to execute movements properly.
  • Access to a private Facebook group so you can join other likeminded people/VIP Complete Coaching clients and get daily tips, motivation and support from peers.
  • Access to my expertise and know-how which will give you results that last FOREVER.
  • My support 24/7 via Whatsapp so I can coach you on how to approach social events, fit alcohol into your diet and keep fit on the go; all whilst hitting your goals and maximising your performance.

If you want all this, then hit the find out more button below so you can complete the application form and setup a call with me to see if we’d be a good fit.


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“That’s great, but what’s the cost of all this?”

Well, the price is exactly the same for everyone that becomes a client of VIP Complete Coaching.

I don’t disclose the price as I don’t want to be a coach that competes on price.

I want to be selected because I am the person who you feel can get you the results.

Once you’ve filled in the application form, I will then set up a call with you to see if we are a good fit to work together and so I can explain to you the cost of the VIP Complete Coaching.

But, why do you need a consultation call?

  • To see if we’d be good working together; this is for your benefit as much as it is mine
  • To prevent people from purchasing who may not be ready for online coaching because of their lack of gym knowledge and filter those who are not committed to the process
  • I want you to achieve the best results possible and having this phone call lets us get off on the right foot and establish how we can work together


Frequently Asked Questions

I figured to make this decision as easy as possible for you, I should probably give you a rundown of the most frequently asked questions people send my way before they apply:

Q) How much does this cost?

The price is discussed on our consultation call. The price is the same for each client that signs up but I don’t disclose the price as your decision shouldn’t be based on whether I’m affordable. It should be based on if we can work well together and if I’m the right coach for you.

I can promise you that there are no extra add-ons, and you’re not tied into any kind of contract. 

Q) Are your results typical?


I can’t promise everyone is going to get the same results, for the simple reason everyone puts in different amounts of effort.

But that’s why the application process is there. If we talk and don’t feel like VIP Complete Coaching is right for you, you won’t part with a single penny.

I only accept clients who will get results.

 Q) I’m worried I’m too old.

Don’t be. 

While the majority of my clients are between 18 and 35, age is really no issue. I’ve had clients in their 40s and 50s.

The only thing that matters is that you’re ready to lose fat or build muscle and don’t want to commit to another crash diet, bro split and are willing to get involved and enjoy the process.

 Q) I have an injury.

No problem. All that is considered when your program is set up. I won’t make you do anything that causes pain.

Q) I’ve tried so many diets and programs in the past. What makes VIP Complete Coaching dierent?

I’d say the accountability and support.

What with your weekly check-ins, the monthly calls, 24/7 access to me, a 24-hour response time AND the private Facebook group, there’s no way you can fail to be motivated and inspired to stay on track.

Oh yeah - and everything is made as easy as possible for you to follow. 

Q) I’m going away on holiday/ travel a lot. Should I wait until I’m home more.

That’s absolutely fine.

I have so many clients who need to travel a lot for work, or who are in the fortunate position to take plenty of trips.

And their results are no worse than anyone else’s. In fact, they’re often better. 

See, I’m not one of those coaches who says you can never eat out, have to train every day, or need to take a load of pre-prepared food with you wherever you go.

Remember - the key thing here is EASE.

If you travel (even if you have a long holiday planned in the very near future) I’ll make sure everything works for you.

Q) I noticed you’re in the UK and I guess the price is in £. I’m not a UK resident. Does that matter?


I’ve worked with people from all over the world.

If you’re accepted as a client, we just work out what the current exchange rate is, and you pay that. There are no crazy mark-ups.

Because I check emails and Whatsapp a few times every day, you won’t have to wait any longer for a response than any of my UK based clients.

Q) Could I get the same results on my own?

Absolutely, 100%


My methods aren’t secret or magic.

They work incredibly well, but you could do this on your own.

Thing is, despite knowing this, most people don’t, and that’s why they spin their wheels for years and years, always being ashamed and embarrassed of their body, and always saying they’ll do it someday. 

I don’t want that for you.

I’d rather you had a proven system in place, that got you results that lasted, and that gave you as much (or as little) support as you needed along the way.

What do you say?