“Ro has coached me on how to track my macros since the beginning of the year and his guidance has led to me getting in shape very fast – he has a sound knowledge of nutrition and training that is made easy to understand from his helpful guides and coaching packs.”

Tom Walters


“Ro Anwar has been my coach now for over a year and he has helped me completely transform my physique – I’ve achieved amazing results through his advanced nutritional knowledge, training advice and in-depth lifestyle guidance.”

Sam Wells


“Ro Anwar has trained me for one and half years and I have made progress that I thought I could never achieve. By being taught how to track macros and have a great training programme, I have achieved these results with a balanced lifestyle!”

Daniel Solomon

“The plan made for me was perfectly suited to my body type and nutritional needs. It allowed me to make the strides in the gym and MMA that I never quite managed to achieve previously.”

Thomas Taylor
"Ro has guided me through a twelve week lean bulk using a training and nutritional plan that was specific for me. Through his constant informational aids, check ins, and motivation when needed, I managed to gain over one and a half stone of lean mass. The learning curve Ro guides you through without any prompting really puts him at the top of this industry."
Adam Cooper

“I lost a stone through Ro Anwar's excellent fitness training and nutrition package”

Mitch Evans

“I lost over a stone thanks to Ro Anwar's personalised nutrition package”

Jack Elston
"I found Ollie on Instagram...I noticed he was really consistent with content and was obviously in shape. I contacted Ollie after one of his giveaways and he sent across a 12 week plan for myself to follow with the main intent of adding muscle mass. 
I’ve really enjoyed the 12 week bulk plan. I’ve seen improvements in my strength, size and I feel a lot better and full of energy.
I really liked this plan because it’s not like other plans I’ve used, where they write every meal you’re supposed to have every single day. In my mind that’s not practical. Ollie wrote out my macros and helped me with sources of these macros but left me to sort out my own meals which is a lot better and makes it easier to stick to!
I used the 80/20 rule ollie told me about to follow a flexible dieting plan which meant I could enjoy my food, while working really hard in the gym and seeing amazing results.
I would definitely recommend going to Ollie for any sort of training or nutritional plans...he knows his stuff and is a really easy-going guy who commits to his weekly check-ins and you can tell really wants to help his clients improve from the very first week, right through to the end."
Anthony Mellor
"After lots of attempts at weight loss I bought the 12 week Training & Nutrition pack from Ro. It arrived quickly following my purchase and I was surprised to see how tailored it was to my lifestyle.

The meal options were quick, tasty but didn't cost a fortune to make! I explained to Ro that I have an intolerance to dairy and he had tailored my meal plans around this!

I'd been going to the gym for a number of moths prior to the plan and whilst I probably had improved my fitness somewhat, I wasn't seeing any changes to my body shape or muscle definition. The plan gave me a structure to my workouts and pushed me to use machines I'd previously walked passed without a second glance! It changed my body shape and gave me definition in the places I wanted it (arms, stomach & thighs!).

From somebody who has tried most diets and fads going, this plan is a keeper! I'd highly recommend it!

Thanks Ro for all of your support throughout!"
Stephanie McGinty