This isn’t Your Typical Transformation Plan, but then I’m Not Your Typical Personal Trainer

This is about as far from ‘traditional’ PT advice as you’ll ever get. 

It’s not a scare story about carbs …

I’m not about to tell you that you have to count every single calorie that goes into your mouth …

I’m not even going to ask that you give up your favourite foods like chocolate, bread, or even wine and beer.

But, give me 5 minutes, and I’ll tell you about perhaps the quickest, easiest, (and tastiest!) way to build muscle lose fat and keep it off for life. 

Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, I promise you, this page could revolutionise the way you think about weight loss, exercise, and healthy eating more radically than you ever thought possible.

Before we start though, there’s one thing you should know about me.

I am not a medical doctor.

I’m not a dietitian or nutritionist either. And I’m certainly not going to try and sell you supplements or coax you into any fad diet or harsh detox.

I’m Oliver.

And I’m just a guy who’s spent years working with clients ‘in the trenches,’ practicing my craft, and learning everything you need to know about losing weight safely, sustainably and keeping it off.

My methods are unusual.

But they’re also the most fun you’ll ever have losing weight.

If you can forgive the lack of letters after my name, and look instead at the thousands of happy clients I’ve worked with, the incredible results they’ve got, and my passion for helping you lose weight, get lean, and finally be comfortable in your own skin, then let’s get going …

The Nutrition Industry Has Been Lying to You

That’s a bold statement to make. 

Especially when there are so many personal trainers, weight loss coaches, doctors and nutritionists out there making good money from ‘helping’ people to lose weight. 

I’m not in the business of calling these professionals out.

But then, I’m not in the business of making money either.

My main interest?

Giving you the unbiased, unadulterated TRUTH about what really works when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

Before we start with what DOES work, I want to quickly run through what doesn’t work.

See, despite how complicated the nutrition industry makes weight loss seem, it’s actually pretty simple. 

Not only can you lose weight, but you can do it eating foods you love, without hours and hours of needless exercise. 

Better yet?

You can lose that weight AND keep it off.

In the past, perhaps you’ve tried diets?

You’ve done the whole carb-cutting thing, you’ve counted calories, you’ve gone to Weight Watchers and Slimming      World, and maybe even tried a juice fast or detox. 

(I know many of my clients have.) And what’s happened?

You’ve lost weight …

… but then it’s gone back on again!

Maybe it’s taken 6 months, maybe 6 weeks, maybe even just a fortnight.

But, whatever the length of time, all the weight you lost has gone back on, and all the hard work you put in?


But here’s the thing:

It’s Not Your Fault. 

I’ve been there myself.

My clients have been there.

Millions of people across the world have been victims of this rebound epidemic, where they’ve lost weight on a diet, only to put it all back on again.

Oftentimes, the weight they’ve put on has been GREATER than the amount lost in the first place. 

And here’s why … 

Your Body HATES Dieting. (And Scientists Have Proven This.) 

Another bold claim. But here’s the proof:

A study from the American Society for Clinical Nutrition found that over 80% of dieters couldn’t maintain the weight they’d lost for a year. 

This shocking statistic means that more than 4 in 5 dieters will regain every last pound after they finish their diet, and many will gain even more than that back.

While some people claim a lack of discipline or willpower is to blame, this simply isn’t true.

I’ve worked with enough clients and read enough research in my time to know that some of the most dedicated, disciplined dieters have regained the weight they lost.

It had nothing to do with willpower.

Right about now you’re probably wondering –

“Okay then Oliver, if you’re saying that even those who really try are doomed to regain all the weight they lose, does that mean I shouldn’t even try? 

Am I better off avoiding any diet in the first place, and just accepting that I’ll always be this weight?

Does all this really come down to genetics?” 

No. Not at all.

See, what I didn’t say was that discipline and dedication (or lack of) is really only a very small part of the puzzle. 

The real culprit?

The diet followed to lose the weight in the first place. 

And this is where we find out WHY your body hates ‘dieting.’ 

Most diets revolve around two ideas – 

  1. Grossly reducing calorie
  2. Cutting out foods or food

Take Atkins for example – you eat fewer calories because you completely ban carbs.

A detox diet removes meat, fish, dairy products and grains, thereby reducing calories.

A low-fat diet also takes out meat and dairy, as well as butter, oils, nuts and seeds, and brings about a huge drop in calories. 

Any diet where you’re drinking shakes?

Well, that gets rid of food full stop. And again, your calories will be incredibly (read: dangerously) low.

And herein lies the issues …

The low-calorie intake wreaks havoc on your metabolism.

The rate your body burns calories drops, you become incredibly hungry, you move around less, and your metabolism grinds to a shuddering halt.

Have you ever found that when you first start a diet, the weight loss is fast, but then the longer you carry on, the less weight you lose each week, until eventually, you’re not losing anything? 

This is one of the key signs that your metabolism is slowing, due to a chronically low calorie intake. 

And one of the major perils of traditional dieting.

Thing is, you do need to lower your calories to lose weight.

But do it too much, and you’re only setting yourself up for long-term failure and weight regain.

Our second huge reason why these diets never work is because they create huge cravings

You might be thinking – 

“But Oliver, diets are supposed to be hard.

I’m meant to struggle. 

If I enjoyed what I ate, I probably wouldn’t be losing any weight.” 

100% wrong.

Sorry, I hate to burst any bubbles. But dieting shouldn’t result in any huge cravings. 

You can be full.

You can eat good foods.

You can have ‘junk’ and still get results.

Heck - you can have chocolate chip cookies, McDonald’s, and visit the pub while dropping pounds and getting slimmer and leaner.

In fact, you’ll get better results, because the craving monster is kept at bay.

It’s these 2 reasons – the low-calorie intake and the removal of food groups and increased cravings – that make losing weight long-term virtually impossible.

The Shocking Truth:

What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Just One Single Cookie

Want to know what happens to your body when you eat a single cookie?

The havoc that all that sugar saturated and saturated fat wreak?

The complete and utter internal chaos caused by the

additives and preservatives

How your body goes into ‘fat-storing overdrive’ and triggers a cataclysmic reaction for weight gain, and all manner of diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks? 

Well, I’m here to tell you EXACTLY what happens when you eat just one, delicious cookie …

Absolutely nothing. 

That’s right.

Despite the sugar, the fat, the calories and all the hidden nasties, you don’t suddenly gain weight, or send yourself into a spiral of never-ending death and decay. 

Not much happens at all, except you have a tasty treat to snack on. 

See, the way you gain weight has nothing to do with specific foods, and ALL about how many calories you eat. 

To explain this, I want to introduce you to someone I know very well. 

Meet Steph … 

Steph and I have known each other for a few years now. 

She came to see me after a period of where she’d gained several stone. 

Not surprisingly, Steph was nervous about contacting me.

After all, I was a trainer, and, as we all know, most personal trainers just yell at you for not working hard enough, and tell you to eat more broccoli. 

She was scared I’d make her give up all her favourite foods …

I’d take away her alcohol, her meals out and her chocolate …

And have her performing some gut-wrenching, hour- long, sweat-fest workouts designed to cause pain and punishment.

But what happened was completely different. 

One of the first things we did was discuss exactly what foods Steph loved eating, and worked out how to fit them into her diet, so she could lose weight while still enjoying them. 

We worked out that Steph burned roughly 2,100 calories per day.

To lose weight, that meant that she needed to be eating somewhere around 1,600-1,700 every day. 

(FYI – if you’re worried I’m about to launch into some complicated mathematical equation, don’t worry – this is all very straightforward, and won’t require meticulous calorie counting or a degree in advanced algebra.)

These 1,600-1,700 calories needed to be mostly healthy. 

That meant your typical ‘weight loss foods’ such as fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, whole-grains and foods that were nutritious and tasty.

But in reality, Steph's diet only needed to be around 80% healthy for her to lose weight. 

She could have 1,200 or 1,300 calories of good food, and the rest could come from – how shall we say – naughty stuff. 

Each day, Steph would eat 300 or so calories’ worth

of chocolate … 

… or crisps.

… biscuits.

… cheese.

… popcorn.

Or our friend – the cookie.

She could even use these calories for alcohol.

In fact, one thing we did with Steph, was worked out how many calories she could have from junk food every week, so that if she wanted to have a big night out at the weekend, or indulge a little more a couple of times, she could do that and still make incredible progress.



These results require NO EXTREME Methods and are 100% Typical. 

See, by moderating her intake of so-called ‘junk food’ and making sure she ate the right number of calories, Steph could indulge and make the progress she dreamed of.

She got a slimmer, sexier physique. She banished her bloat.

Energy levels went through the roof. She never had cravings.

And she had a guaranteed formula for weight loss that

allowed her to eat the foods she truly loved.

What’s more, because she beat the two usual weight regain culprits (eating too few calories and banning her favourite foods) she not only lost weight, but kept it off. 

Here’s what Steph had to say about her experience: Insert vid

Introducing VIP Complete Coaching.

The Bespoke Plan that Has Personal Trainers Nationwide Up in Arms 

Here’s my confession: 

I used to do things the old way. 

I believed that to get the best results, people had to give up carbs.

I thought they had to ban bread, pasta and potatoes. That everything needed to be organic and natural.

And that one morsel of junk food would reverse their weight loss and send them into a fat gain spiral. 

I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes, because it’s only by recognising we’re doing things wrong, that we can form a better approach. 

Unfortunately, many of my peers in the fitness and nutrition industry are still preaching the old rules I used to: 

  • No carbs after 6.
  • No alcohol.
  • No
  • No
  • No gluten.
  • No additives and
  • No sweeteners and diet drinks. 

The list goes on … 

I was a die-hard supporter of strict weight loss dieting, and believed that anyone who didn’t conform with this simply wasn’t dedicated.

(By now, you and I both know this is just plain wrong. You’ve read about the real reason why we regain weight, and why sticking to these types of diets is nigh-on impossible.)

But at the time, I figured it was my way or the highway.

But here’s when daft young Oliver makes a shocking discovery … 

Despite the strict guidelines I was asking all my clients to stick to, I noticed something that was, quite frankly, shocking.

The clients who got the best results?

They were the ones who were only following the plan 70% of the time.

They would do mostly what I told them, but they would still have their lunchtime sandwich.

They’d eat an evening meal of salmon and veggies, but follow it up with a small bar of chocolate.

They’d stop slurping Coke every afternoon, but would have a glass of wine every night. 

And the results they got were astonishing.

The fat loss was fast, sustainable, and they were finding their diet easy.

The clients I was asking to eat strictly 100% of the time?

They were the ones witnessing the metabolic slowdown, experiencing the progress slumps, stepping on the scale and having the intense misery of being the same weight (or even heavier) each morning, and unleashing the craving monster. 

Once I realised what was happening, and how being LESS strict was giving BETTER weight loss results - 

I completely switched how I did things.

No more were clients given strict guidelines …

Gone were the days of banning anything. (Burgers, bread and booze were back on the menu!)

And I developed a shockingly simple, easy-to-follow system that guaranteed lasting weight loss.

That system is called VIP Complete Coaching. 

If I were you, here’s what I’d be thinking right now: 

Okay Oliver, so you’ve told me all about this ‘amazing’ system.

Well I want to see exactly what kind of results I can expect.”

I was hoping you’d ask this. 

Most trainers don’t like putting their money where their mouth is.

They talk the talk, but rarely do they walk the walk. 

They might have one, (maybe two) okay testimonials that they bring out time after time after time.

I hate that.

I want you to have complete and utter confidence in the Project Lean system, so that even if you leave here today without doing anything else, you know that – 

  1. This system is
  2. It works for everyone

Here’s just a very small selection of clients who’ve used the VIP Coaching system:

I’ll stress again that these results are typical. 

I didn’t just pick the most ‘dedicated’ clients … The ones who’d trained and dieted the longest … The genetic elite …

I wanted to show you a completely honest selection of the wide range of people I’ve worked with these past few years. 

I’m not here to tell you that these results are impressive. I’d rather you looked, and made up your own mind.

And, offer you the chance that, if you want the same kind of results like this, you can fast-track to that right now by clicking below: 

Click Here to Apply for a Personal Consultation Call 

The Secret Sauce. (And Why VIP Complete Coaching blows other plans out of the water.)

I wish I could tell you that the dieting system you’ve just read about is THE mystery component, or the key that unlocks the kingdom to lifelong weight loss without giving up your favourite foods.

I wish I could tell you it was the training. (Which I know we haven’t talked about yet, but I can assure you is just as personalised and just as stress-free as the eating side of things.)

Unfortunately, I can’t.

The sad fact of the matter is, that despite the fact eating and training should be all that’s needed for you to lose weight, that simply isn’t true.

I Lied Earlier.

I said that diets like Atkins, Weight Watchers and detoxes don’t work.

They do.

At least, anyone can lose weight on them for a few weeks, before they just get too damn hard. It’s impossible to function (let alone live life!) while you’re following them, and as such, you give up.

And that’s when the weight goes back on.

See, the one thing that’s missing here (and in almost all commercial diets out there) is accountability.


Having that helping hand on your shoulder.

Someone in your corner to guide you through any troubles, listen to your struggles, and give you clear, concise and comforting advice on exactly what to do whenever you’re in doubt.

How many times have you started a diet or training plan, only to think –

“Man, this is pretty tough.”

That’s entirely normal.

In fact, if you didn’t feel like that, something would be wrong. 

What with social events, nights out, work dos, seeing friends, and those stressful days when it feels like some crisps or chocolate, along with a nice glass of Malbec or a frosty, cold, refreshing Peroni are the only logical ways to chill out and unwind …

Losing weight is not easy! 

Call me ‘Captain Obvious,’ but if it was easy, don’t you think everyone would be walking round with their dream body 24/7?

So this is where that extra step comes in, and where it’s not just diet and training.

Where VIP Complete Coaching excels is the fact that you have me in your corner. 

I’m there for your personal support and motivation.

Not only is the diet and training tailored to your specific schedule, genetics, body type and food preferences, but the support is too.

Look – 

Some people are lone warriors.

They like to be given a plan and then let loose. They say to me –

“Ollie. Leave me alone. 

No offence, but I can do this on my own. You tell me what I need to do, and I’ll do it.” 

Other people need a little more.

You might need a brief daily check-in to make sure you’re okay.

Maybe you need some reassurance every now and again to keep you on track.

Perhaps your job is super stressful, and you’re forever being invited out for meals and drinks, and your friends, despite the fact they mean well, are the WORST for teasing and tempting you away from your ultimate weight loss goals.

This, again, is 100% okay. 

If you sign up to VIP Complete Coaching, then in my role as your coach, I’m here for whatever you need. 

Whether that’s as simple as me giving you your training and nutrition plans, stepping back and just being there for the odd question and your weekly check-in to make sure we’re still making progress …

… or you’re a little intimidated by losing weight.

… you’ve had bad experiences in the past.

… you’re worried about how easily you could fall off track. 

Or, you just want to be absolutely certain that you’re doing everything possible to get the best results you can. 

I’m cool with that.

You get 24/7 access to me via Whatsapp and email, plus a load more support that I’d love to tell you 

about in just a moment ...

A good coach should be flexible, and be able to work with exactly what a client needs. 

Whether that’s a diet to work around any food allergies or special diets, a training plan that takes no more than 90 minutes a week, or a structure that can work around even the most hectic schedule. 

That’s what I’m here for, because I consider myself a GREAT coach.

Hey, that might be arrogant to say, but I think these client results speak for themselves: 

Click Here to Start Your Journey Towards Results Like These


This is NOT for Everyone

I’d love to say that 1:1 VIP Complete Coaching was open to everyone. 

Unfortunately, I can’t. 

Keeping a 100% success rate is very important to me.

That means that coaching is not going to be right for every person reading this.

Chances are, if you’ve got this far, you’ll be perfect for this. After all, you’ve taken time out of your day to come here, read this page, and are already way ahead of where you were 10 minutes ago.

But unlike other trainers, having the funds to invest is not the only thing you need to become a client.

That’s why, before we go any further, I’d like to offer you the chance to apply for VIP Complete Coaching:


I have a small (yet firm and fair) set of criteria that all clients need to meet before we get started.

 You don’t need to have professional athlete levels of fitness. You don’t need to be a certain shape, weight or age.

And you DEFINITELY don’t need to be willing to commit to any super strict training plan or bland, boring, repetitive diet.

But you do need to be invested in the process, have a life outside of the gym, and be someone who’s dedicated and disciplined, but fun, too.

See, losing weight should be enjoyable, and my rule is -

I ONLY want to work with people I’d be happy to go for a pint (or diet Coke) with. 

I genuinely believe that for coaching to work, we need to get on.

So how about we schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit for one another? 


“Hold on Oliver:

How Much Does this Cost?” 

Ah, the eternal question - what’s the cost? 

I could be one of those shady marketers, and tell you that it’s not a cost, it’s an investment, or refuse to reveal the price until we’re on the phone, where I try to hard-sell you into some super-expensive program.

But I don’t believe in doing that. 

I value your time and want to be completely and utterly transparent. 

The cost for all this …

  • Your personalised program
  • The diet based around not only what your body needs to lose weight, but the foods you enjoy eating. 
  • Weekly check-ins with me where we’ll troubleshoot any issues you’re having, and ensure you’re making the best progress possible. 
  • All the accountability and support I provide
  • And my personal guarantee that I’ll do everything in my power to get you to your dream body, with a slimmer, leaner, stronger, sexier (and happier) physique.

… is less than £150 per month. 

To be precise, it’s £149 per month.

But think about that for a moment:

The average mid-range gym membership costs £50 per month. 

Just one single session with a personal trainer is £45. Two sessions is £90. Add in a few classes or a tub of ‘fat burner pills’ and you’re at £149.

But this doesn’t even come close to what you get with VIP Complete Coaching. 

NO diet.

NO personalisation. NO accountability.

NO extra support.

NO guarantee of results.

And, from what I know from my time in the industry, I’d put money on that trainer giving you a boring, generic plan, and a diet plan that has you eating little more than chicken breasts, vegetables and dry crackers.

If you don’t want that ^^^

And instead, feel you’d get better results, more value, more support, more accountability, more FUN and ultimately, achieve a body you can be truly proud of (and keep it) then I can honestly say that applying for VIP Complete Coaching

will be a decision you never regret. 



Where Are The Hard Sells?” 

Sorry, that’s not my game.

You might have guessed by now, but I’m about as far from a marketer or a salesman as you can get.

I’m not here to trick or con you into signing up with me.

All I want to do is provide you with incredible value, show you exactly what I can do for you, and have you make the informed, sensible decision of whether this is right for you or not.

Talking of what I can do for you, here’s what you can expect from working together - 

  • A diet that you LOVE. You’ll genuinely be able to eat ANYTHING and still get 

It’s ‘anything goes’ so to speak. And whether your thing is biscuits, takeaways, or alcohol, we’ll make sure they’re factored into your diet.

  •  A ‘Lowest Effective Dose’ training program

I’m not in the business of having you train for hours and hours. We focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY and 

get you the best results possible with minimum gym time.

  • Up to 10 pounds of weight loss in month 1 alone.

Not everyone will lose this much, and some might lose more. But what is critical here, is that this loss is pure body fat.

  •  Results that LAST.

How many times have you dieted before? And how many times have the results lasted?

I can safely say that Project Lean will be the last ‘diet’ you ever need.

  •  Coaching on Demand

Any coach who says he’ll reply to every client email must be crazy, right?

Well put me in a straight jacket and lock me in a cell.

Because that’s exactly what you’ll get here.

I don’t want you to spend a single minute feeling overwhelmed or confused, which is why every email gets answered within 24 hours.

And I’m available on Whatsapp too. Once you’re part of the Project Lean family, we’re there for one another. 

  1. VISIBLE Results

There are plenty of weight loss coaching programs out 

there …

… but few create visible fat loss. 

The kind of results that mean you get compliments from colleagues, comments from friends, and watch your body change shape on a weekly basis.

Well … that’s exactly what we shoot for.

Sure, we get that scale to go down, but weight is only one aspect of it. You want to look better too, right? 

We’ve got you covered.

  • A PROVEN Plateau-Busting System 

The BIG reason why so many people fail their diet? There’s no progression.

By now you know all about metabolism and how plenty of diets crush your metabolism to a slow, grinding halt, which completely stops any chance of progress.

To get around this though, you have a private weekly check-in, where we assess your progress in detail.

We stick with what’s working, and change what isn’t, so you progress as fast as physically possible.

  • A Training Program That Suits YOU

Some of my clients like to train every day. 

Others can only manage 30 minutes, 3 times per week. 

Some LOVE the gym … others prefer to train at home. 

Whatever suits you best is fine. We can work with that. I want you to enjoy training, to look forward to it, and to know that it’s getting you the results you desire.

  • Direct, 1-1 Phone Time

Tired of trainers and coaches who don’t want to be held accountable?

Me too. 

And that’s why, as part of the coaching, you also get a monthly phone call. 

We call this our ‘assessment call’ which sounds seriously formal, but really, it’s just a way to have a chat about what’s going well, address any issues you might be having, and ensure you’re 100% happy with the process and your results.

  •  Private Support Group

My clients are ALL rockstars.

I’d love you to get to know every single one of them, and to become part of our tight-knit community.

You can do that in our fully private Facebook group.

If Facebook’s not your thing, that’s cool. But the group is a great place to chat training and diet, share hints and tips, get a pat on the back when you’ve hit your goals, and some support and encouragement if you should ever find yourself struggling.

“Yes Oliver – I want all this.

Where can I apply?” 

I could go on, and on, and on about what else you get when you come on board as a VIP Complete Coaching client. 

I could tell you about how the exercises are tailored precisely to what you need …

How we don’t just tell you what to do, but help you learn about losing weight and keeping it off, so that at any point in the future, you could take the reins yourself …

Or about how we have different nutrition ‘levels.’ 

If you’re a nutrition newbie, we can set you up with a complete done-for-you plan to follow, or, for more advanced dieters, we can offer more flexibility, with personalised calorie and macronutrient targets.

I could tell you all that, but really, all you need to know is – 

I Want to LOSE Clients

This may sound downright mad for a coach to say, but hear me out: 

My goal is always to empower my clients so that they don’t always need me.

I absolutely, point blank refuse to keep any of my methods secret from you. Not only do I want to help you get the weight loss you’ve been dreaming of, and a newfound confidence in your body, but I want you to take

an active role in the process too.

My ideal outcome with every client is for them to come to me in a few months and say - 

“Oliver, I don’t need you any more.

I’ve lost the weight I wanted.

My clothes fit amazingly. I’m no longer ashamed of my body.

I never feel like I’m dieting, and I love the fact I can effortlessly maintain my new lighter, leaner body, and still eat the foods I love and go out and see friends.” 

That to me, is the perfect scenario. 

And I’d love to help you get to that stage.

If you’re ready for that, then, for the final time, here’s where you need to go:

I’m Ready.

Show me where to apply. 

Thanks for reading.

See you on the other side. Oliver.


Just to show I only have your best interests in mind, how about this - 

If you apply and are accepted as a client, I have a 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

I’m so confident that you’ll not only love the service, but get the results you truly want, that I’ll put my money where my mouth is by offering you all your money back if you’re not happy. 

Take Advantage of this and see if you’re a good fit by clicking here.  


WARNING: Spaces are Limited

Because of the personal, time-intensive nature of coaching, I can only accept 6 new clients at any one time.

Spots always go whenever I open them up, so if you don’t want to miss out, you need to act fast.

Let’s Do This.




I just realised I didn’t fully explain everything above. 

I figured to make this decision as easy as possible for you, I should probably give you a rundown of the most frequently asked questions people send my way before they apply: 

Q) How much does this cost? 

You only pay £149 per month.

That’s £149 for everything you read about here. No extra add-ons, and you’re not tied into any kind of contract. 

Q) Are your results typical? 


Now, clearly I can’t promise everyone is going to get the same results, for the simple reason that not everyone is going to put in the work.

But that’s why the application process is there. If we talk and don’t feel like VIP Complete Coaching is right for you, you won’t part with a single penny.

I only accept clients who will get results.

Q) I’m worried I’m too old.

Don’t be.

While the majority of my clients are between 18 and 35, age is really no issue. I’ve had clients in their 40s and 50s.

The only thing that matters is that you’re ready to lose fat, don’t want to commit to another diet, or gut-wrenching exercise program, and are willing to get involved and have fun.

 Q) I have an injury.

No problem. All that is taken into account when your program is set up. I won’t make you do anything that causes pain.

 Q) I’ve tried so many diets and programs in the past. What makes VIP Complete VIP coaching different?

I’d say the accountability and support. 

What with your weekly check-ins, the monthly calls, 24/7 access to me, a 24-hour response time AND the private client group, there’s no way you can fail to be motivated and inspired to stay on track. 

Oh yeah - and everything is made as easy as possible for you to follow. 

Q) I’m going away on holiday/ travel a lot. Should I wait until I’m home more.

You know what’s funny?

I have so many clients who need to travel a lot for work, or who are in the fortunate position to take plenty of trips.

And their results are no worse than anyone else’s. In fact, they’re often better.

See, I’m not one of those coaches who says you can never eat out, have to train every day, or need to take a load of pre-prepared food with you wherever you go. 

Remember - the key thing here is EASE.

If you travel (even if you have a long holiday planned in the very near future) I’ll make sure everything works for you.

 Q) I noticed you’re in the UK and the price is in £. I’m not a UK resident. Does that matter?


I’ve worked with people from all over the world.

If you’re accepted as a client, we just work out what the current exchange rate is, and you pay that. There are no crazy mark-ups. 

Because I check emails and Whatsapp a few times every day, you won’t have to wait any longer for a response than any of my UK-based clients.

 Q) Could I get the same results on my own?

 Absolutely, 100% …


My methods aren’t secret or magic. 

They work incredibly well, but you could do this on your own.

Thing is, despite knowing this, most people don’t, and that’s why they spin their wheels for years and years, always being ashamed and embarrassed of their body, and always saying they’ll lose weight … someday.

I don’t want that for you.

I’d rather you had a proven system in place, that got you results that lasted, and that gave you as much (or as little) support as you needed along the way? 

What d’you say?