Q) Can anyone purchase a coaching package?

Yes! I cater for all needs – whether that be you’re a beginner who’s just getting into fitness or if you’re someone who’s fairly advanced in training and nutrition.
As an online coach, everything is done online. All you need is an internet connection and an email account.

Q) When did you become a Nutrition Coach?

I qualified to become a Nutrition Coach in July 2016, through the highly reputable LDNM Academy!

Q) When will I receive the Client Form after purchase?

You should expect to receive your client form within 2 hours of purchase. Although more often than not, it’s a lot sooner than that.

Q) Do I need a gym membership?

It is not compulsory for you to have a gym membership. I write and provide home workouts for my clients who don’t have access to one. However, I would highly recommend having a gym membership for the best results possible.

Q) Is the Meal plan tailored to me?

Yes! Your nutrition plan will be fully personalised to your goals, needs and preferences. I will keep the foods you want and omit the ones you don’t. I also cater for people who eat on a budget, have specific dietary requirements and allergies

Q) What is the Social & Lifestyle Guide?

It is a comprehensive guide on how to fit training and nutrition around your lifestyle and social events.

This guide will give you tips on how to manage nights out, going on holiday, eating out and busy work periods/exams whilst still adhering to a nutrition and training plan.

Q) What is Email Support?

Email support is a facility provided to ensure you have 24/7 assistance with your plans after I’ve sent you your coaching package.
All emails are answered by myself personally ASAP.

Q) Why did you become an online coach?

The main reason I started this website is because I want to positively impact as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the ‘fitness industry’ who try to make quick money off their clients through selling them sample training routines and cookie cutter meal plans – without actually educating them on the science behind the nutrition and training advice they’re giving out. 

Many of them also fail to take into consideration their client’s personal needs, their lifestyle and in some cases, their well-being.
I am a firm advocate of coaching, teaching and instilling knowledge into my clients so that they can continue their fitness journey in the right direction and live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life long after I’m gone.

Q) How do you combat training plateaus?

To combat training plateaus, I write progress driven training programs that are adaptive over time.

This essentially means getting you working in different training blocks to help you hit different rep ranges and exercise frequencies during certain periods. This will keep your body progressing optimally whilst also helping enhance your training variety.