About Me

My name is Oliver Roha Anwar (known as Ro) and I am an Online Personal Trainer & Qualified Nutrition Coach.

Growing up playing elite football, I have always been active and fit. As I have grown older, my focus has shifted towards training and eating to build lean muscle and lose fat whilst still maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Over the years, I have been able to transform my physique through evidence based knowledge and professional qualifications, along side over half a decade of personal training accrued through my own experience.

I have used these tools to gradually improve my physique whilst studying at university, travelling, working 9-5, in retail and eating on a budget.

In my opinion, fitness shouldn’t prevent you from missing out on social events, stop you from enjoying the foods you like or limit you to a strict regime. Instead, it should help improve your quality of living, be in-line with your lifestyle and fully flexible.

Being someone who enjoys socialising with friends, eating out, going on holiday, attending festivals and travelling, I echo this ethos.

I am a firm believer that people can and should enjoy the process of getting in shape whilst having as little limitations on themselves as possible.

I want to use my expertise to help you build the body you want, whilst still maintaining a fun, enjoyable and flexible lifestyle that is sustainable.

After all, fitness should enhance your life and not limit it.