Ep #8: Chris Williamson - What's It Really Like To Be On Love Island?

On this week's episode, we are joined by Chris Williamson who was the first Love Island contestant to walk into the villa on Season 1.

Chris is also the Director of Voodoo Events which is an events company putting on nights in Manchester and Newcastle, the host of The Modern Wisdom Podcast and an avid fitness and philosophy enthusiast.

In this episode we cover:

  • How Chris got onto Love Island
  • The narratives that the producers create on the show
  • The reality of life in the villa vs what you see on TV
  • The opportunities for business the show exposure can create
  • Chris's funniest night club stories
  • Balancing working in the night club scene with fitness
  • Going sober and how this can enhance productivity
  • How delving into spirituality/philosophy can give you a better sense of self
  • How fitness has enhanced Chris's life for the better

Check out Chris's work here:

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