The Truth On Supplements

The most common question I get from prospective clients is "what supplements should I take?"

Before you go around splashing your cash on the next 'best' fat burner, mass gainer or protein powder that has been marketed to you daily, realise this:

98% of your results will come from your diet, training, sleep, hydration, daily activity and adherence to these factors.

2% of your success will come from supplements.

Yes. Staggering I know.

That being said, once you have got the 98% on point, supplements can give you an extra edge to your performance and therefore physique results.

Below are the 4 supplements I would recommend: 

1. Creatine Monohydrate

      Without a doubt the most tried and tested supplement out there. Helps with increasing power and strength and can be bought very cheaply. 5 grams per day. No need to load or cycle it. Drink plenty of water to get maximal benefits.

      2. Caffeine/Pre-Workout

      Can help increase performance via giving you energy before you train and helps increase focus - this can be especially effective after a long day or if you’re in a calorie deficit. Consume around 30 minutes before working out for best effect.

      I'd either recommend drinking a coffee or drinking some pre-workout.

      3. Tailored Vitamins/Multivitamins

      Ideally it's best to have bespoke vitamins tailored to you if you want to optimise the health of your insides. Everybody has different needs in regards to what vitamins they should take. However, if you’re on a budget then your standard multivitamin can do a job. One per day usually suffices.

      If you are based in the UK, then I'd recommend Vitamin Buddy for tailored vitamins bespoke to you.

      Click here to take their free lifestyle quiz.

      4. Whey Protein

      Many people class whey as a supplement (I don't as it is actually a food substitute) but for the sake of this email, I wanted to add it in as it can be useful for your results.

      Use whey protein as way to hit your protein target for the day.

      An average chicken breast has around 40g of protein.

      Two scoops of whey isolate protein has around 40g of protein.

      If you can't get access to 40g protein through a chicken breast, a protein shake could be a good substitute.

      Anyone looking to purchase supplements, I'd recommend using My Protein. If you use my personal discount code "RA35", you'll get 35% off your order.

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