The Truth About 'Self-Love'

A potential side effect to striping off half-naked on Instagram for the majority of the year is that you’ll more than likely be met with the below comment at some point:

"You love yourself"

This is the link to my Instagram if you want to see for yourself.

However, it’s sometimes not as bad or as good as you think, so I thought I’d deconstruct it.

I am myself.

Therefore I’d like to think I get the choice in the type of person I want to be.

If I made a lasagne, I doubt I’d make one with cheese I didn’t like or toppings that taste like sh*t.

Similarly, if I bought a car, I don’t think I’d buy one that was a horrendous colour and that made me feel super embarrassed when driving it.

So, why would I construct a person that I hate?

See, we should all have confidence in our body, like the decisions we make and have a high self-esteem. This is healthy human functioning.

However, ‘loving yourself’ also means deploying high levels of self awareness and critique.

Sometimes we get things wrong.

If you love yourself, then you should also be you own harshest critic and call yourself out when you mess up.

it’s very easy to deploy #selflove as a scapegoat to prevent yourself from being honest.

In my opinion, healthy human functioning and ‘loving yourself’ is being confident enough to take congruent action but also being self-aware to the fact that you are always a work in progress and will need refining along the way.

Being confident in taking action + re-assessing yourself afterwards = Loving yourself.

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