The Problem With Just Doing Cardio To Lose Weight

A huge mistake I see people make when trying to lose fat is that they think just doing cardio is the answer.

To put things bluntly, ‘you can’t outrun a bad diet’.

Well you can, but you probably won’t have time for anything else.

Let me explain.

A 73kg person burns on average around 32 calories per 10 minutes of low intensity cardio.

Now, if you’re trying to burn off a big bag of Malteasers which is around 500 calories, that’s going to take you 156 minutes aka. 2.5 hours.

Unless you really enjoy spending that much time on the treadmill each day, you probably want to take a different approach.

The key is to lose fat initially through your diet and set up your nutrition so you’re eating in a deficit with your current activity levels (this includes if you already partake in any sports or running).

Then, if your goal is to get a muscular and lean physique, you’ll probably want to partake in resistance training 3-5 times in the gym per week too, so that you can maintain the muscle you have whilst stripping off the fat.

Prioritise the above two (nutrition and weight training) before looking to add in any additional cardio to what you’re already doing.

Then, when you hit a plateau, start to add in some additional cardio or alternatively slowly drop your calories to start burning fat again.

Correct nutrition + weight training + additional cardio when necessary to burn fat = the approach you need to take.

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