How to set up My Fitness Pal

Tracking foods in the age of apps and smartphones is now much easier than a decade ago where you’d have to research individual foods and create your own hand written ‘diary database’ which would have been an absolute nightmare I'm sure!

My Fitness Pal is the app that I recommend to use for macro tracking – it’s FREE has a huge food database and is very easy to use! I’d download it now and I’ll run you through how it all works…

Once you’ve downloaded MFP (MyFitnessPal) it will ask you to input a load of data about yourself to set your calorie amounts for your goals. These amounts are usually WAY OFF and don’t take into consideration a number of factors. Therefore, you should set your specific macros to the ones provided to you by an online coach like myself, a personal trainer or an accurate online calorie calculator such as this one.

Follow the steps below using the images/arrows as an aid to help set up your goals:

1) Press "More" and then "Goals"



2) Press "Calorie & Macronutrient Goals" and then press "Calories" and input your calorie requirements


3) Press on the "percentages" and you can now start inputing your macros that you've been provided by your online coach/PT etc.

4) Now you can start inputting food and get on tracking! Click the diary button at the bottom of the screen to get to your daily diary.


5) You can search their database by clicking on the "Search for a food". Either search for food or restaurant/chain name.

You can also scan barcodes on the packs of food which is even more efficient!

The green tick means the food has been verified, use these foods where possible.


6) As you’re adding foods, remember to rotate your phone. You will then see a screen like the one below. You can then pick foods that fit into your macros for the day and adjust the portion sizes when needed.

This is a great way to be flexible with your food whilst still adhering to your diet and helps you obtain a greater understanding of what's included in certain foods!

That is My Fitness Pal setup in a nutshell!