How To Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

Whilst tracking calories will always be the most accurate method to lose weight, you don’t have to track to get results.

Below are 3 ways to promote a deficit without tracking:

1. Intermittent Fasting 16:8

      Fasting is a way to promote calorie restriction and adherence to a deficit and is NOT a solution or way to manipulate your hormones or metabolism.

      Wake up, drink lots of water, a couple of coffees and aim to have an eating window from around 12-8pm.

      2. Hand Portion Method

      Using your hands, you can regulate the portions you eat.

      - 1 hand cup full of carbs (rice, oats, potatoes, bread)

      - 1 clenched fist full of vegetables (spinach. salad, broccoli) 

      - 1 palm sized portion of protein (chicken breast, lean beef, lean mince)

      - 1 thumb size portion of fats (olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado)

      Stick to 3 meals per day if you’re a girl and 4-5 if you are a guy.

      3. Keto/Paleo

      I’m not a fan of Keto or Paleo as I believe cutting out food groups not only negates performance but can lead to restrictive eating habits and a bad relationship with food.

      However, if you want to lose weight and maintain a deficit, both of the above can be useful.

      Just remember their may be trade offs with performance and/or flexibility when eating out when using this method.

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