How To Eat When You're Stressed

One of the biggest pain points I get from busy workers is that they get home from work and don’t know what to eat because their day has been so hectic.

They are so hungry that they just eat anything.

Sound familiar?

This is very common and is known as ‘decision fatigue’.

As people we have limited willpower, so when it is used up we tend to make poor choices.

Working for an extended period of time or being forced to make multiple complex decisions, it uses up stores even faster.

Therefore, if we want to stay on top of our nutrition, we need to make fewer decisions, simplify our life and build systems and habits that make these choices easier.

Here’s what you can do to reduce decision fatigue when it comes to your diet:

1. Invest in a meal prep company to cook your meals

There are plenty of great meal prep companies out there nowadays. Yes there is a cost to this but the time you'll get back and convenience is worth it if you have the financial means. 

2. Prepare your meals for the week in advance on Sunday night 

When I used to work corporate and run my business, I prepared 5-10 meals on Sunday night for the week ahead.

This will remove decision fatigue from the equation and is a cheaper option than a meal prep company.

3. Have a smaller eating window e.g from 12pm-8pm

Intermittent Fasting is another way to remove decision fatigue.

Waking up and not thinking about food means you can just crack on with your morning and focus your energy on work. 

4. Eat a variation of the same dinner each day

Many people overcomplicate things by trying to eat different food every single day.

That's a lot of decisions to make. Focus on eating the same foods Mon-Fri with a substitute for each meal/snack to make things easy.

This means on the weekend you can have more variety when you're not as pressed for time.

5. Always carry protein based snacks with you or have some in your office draw

Protein is always scarce in the office and therefore when we are busy and hungry, it's the last thing on our mind.

By having protein snacks in your draw, this will remove the decision from you mind.

Doing the above will help you waste less time and create consistency in your routine so you know exactly what’s coming next without too much thought.

Another way to manage decision fatigue is to outsource your training and nutrition protocols to a coach.

Hit the link below to book a FREE consultation call with me and we can discuss how I can help implement health and fitness around your busy lifestyle for long lasting results.


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