How To Avoid The Office Biscuits

One of the things that is hugely scarce in the workplace is protein.

Sources of good quality protein are few and far between and you are usually left to choose between the office biscuits and muffins when break time comes around.

No wonder it is so hard to stay in shape.

I recommend that my clients take protein rich food and snacks with them to work.

Protein helps with the growth and repair of muscle and is also highly satiating (it keeps you full).

Being full will prevent you from over-eating on unnecessary calories and curb your hunger.

Below are the 5 protein snacks I recommend taking with you to work:

1. Cooked Chicken/Turkey Breast

This has been my favourite recently whilst on the go. You can get low fat, high protein chicken in pretty good flavours like bbq, chicken tikka for £1/$1.30 a packet. Easy to consume and zero prep.

2. Tins of Tuna 

Tuna is not only high in protein but rich in omega 3 fish oils which are good for your health. Keep a couple of tins at your desk with a fork and spice things up with some flavoured ones as the unflavoured tuna gets very bland after a while.

Buy some mints or sugar free chewing gum too so your breath doesn’t smell like a fish market.

        3. Skyr Yogurt

        If your commute is short or you can pop to a shop near work, stock up on a few Skyr protein yogurts. Taste is a solid 8.5/10 and for a 450g pot you get over 40g of protein. 

        These are really good to mix with fruit and bran flakes too.

        4. Protein Cookies/Bars

        For those with a sweet tooth, protein bars and cookies can be a life saver to satisfy cravings whilst staying on track.
        I recommend My Protein filled cookies and carb crusher in caramel nut flavour. Both taste insane as well as Grenade Carb Killas.

        5. Whey

        Last but not least, the staple and the cheapest form of protein per gram - whey protein. Put a scoop or two (depending how much protein you need to eat each day) in a shaker and take it to work with you.

        Consume with either water or milk depending on preference.

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