Christmas, NYE & Fitness

With the holiday season coming up, many of you may be asking "what should I do over Christmas and New Year with my fitness plans?"

The answer to that from me is to ENJOY YOURSELF.

Yes, I won't be prescribing missing Christmas dinner, going out sober on NYE or even trying to track your Quality Street chocolates in MyFitnessPal. 

The time you spend with your family/friends and the memories you make will be much more important than the few pounds you will probably gain over the Xmas and New Year period.

The aim of Xmas and NYE shouldn't be to refrain from anything that is fattening but it also shouldn't mean adopting the 'fuck it' mentality and completely over-eating/under exercising just because it's tempting.

Instead of looking at it from an extreme viewpoint, see that there is healthy middle ground where a few lbs of weigh gain is acceptable and that there are steps that you can put in place to ensure you minimise the amount you see added onto the scales come the 1st January.

Below is my Christmas and New Year advice for you to somewhat stay on track with your fitness and physique plans:

1. Fill your Christmas plate with lots of vegetables and high protein based foods 

Eating lots of meat and vegetables will help you feel full and refrain you from wanting to binge on unnecessary amounts of carbs and fats

2. Fast during the morning 

If you've got a big Christmas dinner scheduled for the evening, try skipping breakfast and/or lunch to save your calories for the evening.

If fasting feels too difficult, try eating low calorie meals up until your dinner or just eat protein so you can save your carbs and fats for all the chocolatey evening dessert.

3. Move

Go for a Boxing Day walk. Go to a NYE rave and dance for 12 hours (I'm actually doing this). If your gym is open or if you have access to equipment at home, go for a workout. It doesn't have to be as intense or structured as you normal workout but generally moving will help create more energy expenditure.

4. Stick to spirits 

When you're out on NYE, try sticking to spirits with a zero calorie mixer or just do shots (tequila, because I f*cking love tequila).

For a more detailed plan on how to approach nights out and fitness, check out my article here and apply to your NYE.

5. Set yourself a plan in the New Year

Once all the holiday festivities, chocolate and alcohol are over and done with, make sure you're ready to get back on it with good habits, routine and a sustainable plan to start the New Year off on the right foot!

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