5 Healthy Lunches You Can Prep In Under 10 Minutes

1. Tuna pittas with salad

Bring a tin of tuna to work and add to a pitta bread with the salad of your choice and light mayo. Takes less than 2 minutes.

2. Cooked chicken, microwave rice and veg/avocado

Pop to the shop at lunch and buy these foods from your local super market. Add all to a bowl and put in the microwave. Add sauce of your choice and avocado to increase healthy fats if needed.

3. Turkey wraps with peppers and salsa

Buy some turkey mince, cook in a pan with some peppers and one cal spray. Add to wraps with salsa and spices of your choice. Make a large batch and put these in tin foil and in the fridge to take to work.

4. Beef, white potatoes and broccoli

Chop up potatoes and broccoli and boil in a hot water for 5-10 mins. Whilst that’s happening season some lean beef, grill it and add the sauce if your choice. Put into a Tupperware container to take with you and reheat when at work.

5. Eat out at a health food restaurant

If worse comes to worse, visit a health food restaurant and track the calories in my fitness pal. Places like Tortilla, Subway (with certain subs) and Itsu can be good choices.

There is usually at least a 20% variance in calories at restaurants so just overestimate the amount you think is the meal and log this in your food diary.

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