10 Fitness Tips For Busy Professionals

Many of us out there are super busy and live hectic lifestyles and fitness can sometimes fall back on our priority list.

With long hours, high levels of stress and lack of time to prepare it can feel like climbing an uphill battle to stick to some sort of sustainable routine.

Being someone who has worked with clients that lead this sort of lifestyle, I can tell you that it's 100% possible to stay on point with training and nutrition whilst balancing a professional occupation.

Below are my 10 tips for busy professionals to stay on track with their fitness/wellness goals:

1. Workout in your lunch break 

A great way to fit exercise in during a busy day is to use your hour lunch break to workout. A 30-40 minute training session at a nearby gym or run around the park whilst everyone is out at a restaurant can be a highly effective way to fit exercise in.

Workout, eat lunch at your desk and free your time up in the evening.

2. Sign up to a nearby gym 

When time is of value then commuting an hour to the gym just isn't going to work (especially during rush hour periods). Therefore, signing up to a gym that's within walking distance of where you work leaves you no excuses for working out. If you can make it to the local pub for a drink after work then I'm sure a short walk to the gym won't hurt you either :)

3. Commute to work

If it's possible, make commuting to and from work part of your exercise regime. Cycling and jogging to work can help you burn calories effectively and saves you from a mundane cardio session on the treadmill in the evening.

4. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is another key step to ensuring you manage your fitness plans around busy and stressful times.

“Several studies show that sleep deprivation elevates cortisol and makes it more likely that you can gain fat.”

Aim for around 8 hours sleep per night and try not to compromise this. Not only will sufficient sleep help prevent the elevation of cortisol but It will help your muscles recover, raise your mood, improve your training intensity and make you more productive on your days at work.

5. Use a meal prep company

With a busy Monday-Friday, prepping food each night after work can be challenging and at times very tedious. If you have the means and the financial capabilities, order your meals from a meal prep company to get delivered to your work everyday. This takes the guess work out of your diet and means you are getting all the good nutrients to fuel your mind and training - without having to give in to the local McDonalds.

Macro Meals UK and Premium Prep UK are good options.

6. Workout when working away

If you're working away at a conference or a training course, try to pick a hotel that has access to a gym or pay for a day pass at a gym in the local area. 

If this isn't feasible, invest in some resistance bands that you can put in your suitcase and workout in your hotel room. This combined with bodyweight exercises gives you enough to get a workout in whilst working away.

7. Plan exercise in your leisure time 

As with most busy professionals, leisure time has to be scheduled like any other part of your day. If you have the opportunity to, fit exercise into your leisure plans.

Go hiking with some buddies on the weekend, start playing playing five-aside after work or join the local gym's evening Yoga class.

8. Carry lots of healthy/protein based snacks

If on the go and running a tight schedule, ensure you carry healthy and protein based snacks in your work bag or at your desk for when you get cravings.

Having a healthy option will keep you on track and prevent you from wanting to over-indulge in the notorious office biscuits that get handed around.

My Protein provide great options for protein based snacks as well as Discount Supplements who also provide very affordable protein rich cookies, bars and brownies.

9. Get tailored vitamins delivered to your door 

Getting the right vitamins for your body can be a struggle at the best of times - not to mention when things are crazy busy!

Luckily, there is a solution thanks to Vitamin Buddy who are London based start-up that tailor their vitamins to your personal lifestyle and health goals (based on a nutritional lifestyle quiz).  The vitamins are delivered to your door in a handy monthly vitamin pack, containing 28-daily packs.

You can try out their free online quiz here and find out what vitamins your body really needs.

This saves you timing running around health shops trying to guess which vitamins are the best for you!

10. Take a class that you ENJOY!

Enjoyment is one of the keys to a successful and sustainable fitness plan so you should therefore take part in fitness classes that you enjoy

On top of a busy work life, the last thing you want to do is exercise which is mundane, boring or not suited to your preferences.

If you want to take part in exercise that allows you to relax then try a Yoga class that you like and if you want something more intense and hardcore that's going to make you sweat, opt for a spin class to really push yourself!

Find what works for you and what you enjoy when it comes to your exercise plan!


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