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10 Fitness Tips For Busy Professionals

Many of us out there are super busy and live hectic lifestyles and fitness can sometimes fall back on our priority list. With long hours, high levels of stress and lack of time to prepare it can feel like climbing an uphill battle to stick to some sort of sustainable routine. Being someone who has worked with clients that lead this sort of lifestyle, I can tell you that it's 100% possible to stay on point with training and nutrition whilst balancing a professional occupation. Below are my 10 tips for busy professionals to stay on track with their fitness/wellness goals...

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Fat Loss For Females & Dieting Tactics

Fat loss for females is a topic that isn’t addressed enough when it comes to dieting. Although there are some similarities biologically, the truth is that women are much more resistant to fat loss than men. There are multiple reasons for this such as shifting hormones, the menstrual cycle, stubborn fat stores, more frequent metabolic adaptations etc.

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Busy Work Periods & Exams

Busy work periods and exams are usually the periods where we completely lose control of our nutrition and training plans. Of course, fitness isn’t going to be at the forefront of our minds when more important things are ensuing. However, as with all these ‘life events’, they can all be managed as long as sensible steps are put in place to deal with them.

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